Celtic Natures

From left to right; Glyn Pooley, Jane Hutt, Sagaradana, Christie-Leat-Bowen.


The central shape for this piece is adapted from a stone I saw at the ancient site of Avebury in Wiltshire. Attracted by the subtle energy radiating from it and a sense of connecting with something deep, pure and strong, I was moved to paint it.
The shape of the stone is that of a broad Lingum (Hindu) symbol of creativity, the masculine generative principle. The symbol is not one of a merely physical force but of cosmic creation and renewal of life.
In the centre of the stone in gold leaf is a Celtic oval (womb ) design, the Yoni as the feminine, includes the 'leaf' pattern, the central 'eye' and two small triangles contained within circles ( life, death, rebirth within the whole of existence ). The single eye can indicate that of enlightenment, the eye of God and eternity, the self contained. There is however something to guard against here, as in the Celtic tradition the eye can be symbolic of ill-will and envy, it is the antithesis of the kind heart of generosity and compassion.


  • Dimensions: 87cm x 119cm

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