When art unlocks the door of peace, love and kindness, it will stand the test of time. Whenever and wherever seeds of peace are sown, goodness and harmony will follow.

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  • The Thinker
  • Fragments
  • Between the Lines
  • The Artist

    Closeness to nature is fundamental, 
    Nothing can be forced, with time everything evolves.

  • The Thinker

    Creating Art harmonizers the heart and mind.
    With the focus on love and kindness all aspects of life can be transformed.

  • Fragments

    Artworks on the theme of shared understanding and connection.

  • Between the Lines

    This project is designed to go beneath the surface appearance and beyond the superficial statements made about our community.


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    The Coming of the Light.

     Love Nature, Love Peace, Love friendship.

     Come and join Art4U to celebrate the first stirrings of spring (Imbolc).

            @ Knap Lake and Gardens at 5p.m, February Sunday 2nd 2020.

    (Meet at park entrance near cafes.)

    The event will include a gentle walk at the lake contemplating uplifting artworks and quotations situated along the way. There will be on opportunity to share thoughts, poems and messages.

    Free event.

    All welcome.

  • Between the Lines

    Between the Lines

    Between the Lines focuses on the contribution individuals make to achieve the community they wish to live in. It offers an insight into what motivates people who actively contribute to the well being of their community and how their actions help and inspire others. It shines a light on who these people are and what they value.

    Through the combined mediums of pencil drawings, black and white film photographs and written reflections a unique record of community life in Wales and the U.K. is being documented.

    Between the Lines is clearly revealing that we are all interconnected; bonded by our community, our contribution and our shared humanity. For further details.

  • Joy in the Presence. A Path in Peace

    Joy in the Presence. A Path in Peace

    This ongoing project began on 1.1.15. One artwork has been made every day since that date. There are now over 1500.

    The piece explores the alchemy of time its multi dimension character and the precious nature of the 'moment'.

    Although the viewer and artist ‘lived through’ the same time frame from January 2015 to the present, they are now able to view history as a series of parallel days, jumping from one day to the next in any order they prefer as if they were time travelling! It also explores the idea of ‘active space’- the time one ‘sleeps’ and carries out other activities between the creation of the component images of the artwork.

    The artworks are actually 'moment markers'.

    It is an attempt to offer a definition of this ‘active space’ through the combination of imagery shown and consequently reveal what cannot be seen by the eye alone.

Life is a bridge, walk across but build nothing on it.