Art4u: Love Nature, Love Peace, Love Friendship.

Art4u was set up as a voluntary organisation with the aim to make the viewing of art accessible to all. It takes art out of the art gallery environment and places it in public spaces, inviting you to take a creative, contemplative journey through nature whilst enjoying free public art.

The events and artworks that Art4u create aim to evoke thoughts and feelings of contemplation and reflection that draw upon the natural tranquillity of their surroundings. You become part of the art through simple participation.

Art4u currently has up to 20 active volunteers providing their skills, time and knowledge to the projects. These volunteers include the un-waged, pensioners, local young people, artists, and community members all wishing to promote and provide art for all.

Some of the benefits of the projects include:

    • Engagement with an ethos focused on Nature, Peace and Friendship.
    • Increased art facilities in the community    
    •  Providing a forum and opportunity for local artists to exhibit their work.
    • The promotion of visual art. 
    • Promoting community participation.
  •       Increasing volunteers self esteem, confidence.

Creating Artworks with and for the Community is both exciting and unpredictable. Interaction and communication is foremost, the results are often unexpected and contain a certain natural dignity due to being tested, sometimes to destruction.


Please take a look at the Flickr page for some beautiful visual documentation by Steve Durbin. 



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and Art4U Friendship Tree Festival Page. 

Wheel of the year calendar 2020. Some events may be subject to cancellation or change. Please connect with our Facebook pages for further information.

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Trees of Peace & Friendship


The Friendship Tree Trail – Trees of Peace and Friendship.


The Tree of Peace and Friendship.

Trees are the supreme symbols of dynamic growth, seasonal death and regeneration. Reverence for their power goes far back to primitive beliefs that god’s and spirits inhabited them. This idea evolved in European folklore into the idea of the ‘Tree-man’ or ‘Green- Man’. For the Celts the tree was held in high esteem and as something sacred, together with standing stones they became the focal point of many sacred places. As mythologies developed, the idea of the tree forming a central axis for the flow of divine energy linking supernatural and natural worlds took symbolic shape in the legendary Tree of Life – a cosmic tree, rooted in the waters of the underworld and passing through earth to heaven. Through the Tree of Life, humanity ascends from its lower nature toward spiritual illumination and release from the cycle of being. The symbol of an evergreen tree is particularly positive as it represents an everlasting life, undying spirit and eternal strength.


Trees with plaques at the Knap Lake and Gardens and Romilly Park, Barry.




The Friendship Tree Festival.

As the tree became established and embraced by the community a festival was organised to celebrate nature, creativity and the subsequent well- being.






Be like the stone- the stone endures.