A Path In Peace Exhibition Reviews.










Through his artwork, Glyn takes us by the hand and gently guides us along the quiet paths to the timeless peace of the churches and holy places of the Vale of Glamorgan. He takes us back to the yesterdays of our forefathers so that we may, if we wish, create a better tomorrow for our children. A tomorrow of togetherness and shared joy whatever your belief.

This is a skilful ,inspirational exhibition that truly deserves a wide audience throughout Wales, so that we may, as the poet Waldo Williams says in his poem Cofio (Remembrance),

    “…..bring to mind the things that are forgotten

           Now scattered in the dust of ages past.”

Come and experience for yourself the journey and work of one of the sons of the Vale of Glamorgan, the talented yet humble artist, Glyn Pooley.

 Gwyn Hughes Jones.


Glyn has put together a thought-provoking series of sketches and paintings of churches in the Vale. The concept is spiritual and historical rather than simply religious. Although they are many centuries old many of the churches have been built on the site of even earlier places of worship. These locations have been sites of devotion and spiritual peace for centuries reminding us of our history and ancestors and forcing us to reflect on our transient existence in the landscape.

Some of the sketches have an ethereal other-worldly glow and if we squint our eyes we can make out the forms of faces and animals in the background. Glyn told me that he experienced strange feelings whilst sitting near the churches and this comes across in the beautiful renditions. However, whilst spiritual there is nothing sinister in this work, rather a reminder that we are all tied to the space and our ancestors through the landscape.

Stuart Keeping.


It has been a great pleasure to host Glyn Pooley’s exhibition, ‘A Path in Peace’ at St Illtud’s Church in Llantwit Major.  In recent months we have started to use the church to exhibit art work as a way of adding expression to the story of faith that is told in this ancient centre of Christian learning.  Glyn’s work has complemented this superbly well.

His pictures immediately draw people to their glimpse of familiar places; I have seen countless people in conversation around the pictures, instinctively speaking about places and communities with which they are familiar.  Some older folk have been reminiscing, telling a story of times and occasions when they visited or worshipped at the various churches.

Glyn’s work has also cut through to younger people.  We have had a number of school groups in the church during the exhibition and they have been drawn notably to his use of colour in some of the pictures.

In all cases, Glyn Pooley’s exhibition signposts people to the experience peace that can be discovered in a sacred place.  So many of the visitors to St Illtud’s come to the church seeking peace in the midst of a busy day; Glyn’s pictures show a calm exterior, with a much deeper invitation to be drawn inside the ancient places of faith in the Vale of Glamorgan, with a promise of peace that is profound.

Edwin Counsell


A Path In Peace, was exactly that. Glyn placed his artwork beautifully around the church to allow for a fully immersive experience. I felt comfortable to safely reflect and take my time exploring each piece of artwork and the way it made me feel. 

Each painting told a story, asked me to consider not only the building of the church and Glyn's interpretation, but what it represented. Glyn's artwork tells a story- a caption of time and history. 

Glyn guided us around the exhibition with ease and patience. He listened as well as shared his work with us. The result was a beautiful conversation on peace: now and then, what peace means to us as individuals and the role of churches and community arts within promoting peace.

This exhibition should be seen by many far and wide. It is so very useful in considering peace in the 21st century. 

What is our role in peace?

What does peace look like in the 21st century?

Whose peace?

What is the role of churches in promoting peace?

The role of community art in promoting peace and tolerance?

Where can we go as individuals to find peace?

 I highly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to visit a Path in Peace exhibition. You will not be disappointed. In visiting the exhibition, it was like visiting a part of my inner self.

 Thank you Glyn. Please continue to create and share your beautiful talent.

 Bethan Williams.


…I’ve been a Jungian for a long time… Painting is a state of being…Painting is self-discovery.
Every good artist paints what he is.

Jackson Pollock 1956