Insights 2000

These images were created by dripping acrylic ink onto mirrored glass. The true intensity of the works is only revealed when a strong light is shone on their surface. They glow from within revealing a depth of colour and spatial subtlety that is seen only under close examination. Parts of the surface are left without ink thus showing a reflected view of their surroundings.

These were the spiritual conurbations illuminated always by love's breath; a colonising of the far side of the mind without loss of the openness of its spaces.
(R.S Thomas-Sonata in X)

Deep Pool

Deep Pool

Contemplating our very being.


The Homeless Beggar

Caught in a Cosmic storm

The Spirit of Gavrinis

The Spirit of Gavrinis

Contemplation at Gavrinis in Britany, Northern France.

Those who are possessed by nothing possess everything.

Morihei Ueshiba.