Visual meditation books

Visual meditation books





Meditation Books

This on going project was begun on 1.1.15. One artwork has been produced and added every day since that date. There are now over 1800 ( and counting ). 

   The piece explores our understanding of time and the precious nature of the 'moment'. Although the viewer and artist ‘lived through’ the same time frame from January 2015 to the present, they are now able to view history as a series of parallel days, jumping from one day to the next in any order they prefer as if they were time travelling! It also explores the idea of ‘active space’- the time one ‘sleeps’ and carries out other activities between the creation of the component images of the artwork. The artworks are actually 'moment markers'. It is an attempt to offer a definition of this ‘active space’ through the combination of imagery shown and consequently reveal what cannot be seen by the eye alone.

Through meditating on the individual artworks a deeper understanding is offered. 


 To view the artwork as a short video showing imagery from a single month of January 2015 please connect with the link below.



  • Medium: Mixed

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Wassily Kandinsky.