Fragments 1999-2004

This series of paintings refer to the pieces of knowledge we may have glimpsed in our relationship with the material world. Not the scientific knowledge but the universal spiritual understanding of our existence, the shared connection of our 'higher self'. At times we receive moments of revelation, when our experiences of life seem to make sense. In these moments we link up with our fellow man regardless of any prejudice or geography. The understanding transcends time and physical environment, the specific elements of our existence become clear; 'when one sees Eternity in things that pass away and Infinity in finite things, then one has pure knowledge'. Bhagavad Gita XV111.20

These moments of insight for most come and go. Raising ones level of consciousness in the hope of consistent revelation and understanding has been practiced by humankind for centuries.

Through imagery of ancient consistent symbols, colours and forms, and influences which range from cave paintings, early Celtic and Eastern traditions, to standing stones and acheminical diagrams. I hope, with meditation and contemplation of the work, the viewer will be able to link in with the feeling of 'Universal Connected-ness' or 'Oneness'.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love

Mother Teresa.